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Experience how some of the most successful Australian enterprises have developed and implemented world-class practices to grow their businesses enabling you to accelerate your operation by implementing what you have seen, understood and know works.

i2e does not train or consult yet acknowledges the value of aligning an Insight to the needs of a participant enterprise. Private Insights feature hosts selected to best align to your own enterprise needs, are exclusive to your business, occurring at a time and date to suit.

They relying upon host availability and acceptance and represent a formidable way to investigate tools, practices and engagement directly aligned to your enterprise.

A typical Private Insight will involve either a half-day or full day tour where one or two exemplar hosts will be visited respectively. Aligned to your TAKT time and industry where possible other benefits might include, additional enterprise walk-through and lunch.

Private Insights are based upon the proven Insights model. Typically lasting between three to four hours an Insight takes place at an exemplar host, is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, who with the host ensures participants experience better and next practice and are able to take-away key learnings to adapt to their own enterprise.

98% of participants attend for new ideas, 78% implement them…

Whether new to Insights or a seasoned participant, a CEO or in operations the one unifying belief amongst participants is that business practices of the past remain in the past and to survive and thrive enterprises must adopt best and next practice.

To find out more please enquire for further information.


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