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Red Tagger is a free market place in the cloud for unwanted materials, capacity and equipment

Red Tagger is a free market place in the cloud for unwanted materials, capacity and equipment - a place to advertise your surplus / no longer needed items for free and also a place to pick up bargains and even share capacity and resources with other RedTaggers.

TheRedTagger is a great way to reduce your waste, free up office or storage space and increase return at the same time.

Red Tagging is a fundamental activity carried out by forwarding thinking companies embracing Lean Thinking. One of the first lean techniques deployed when embarking on a lean cultural change is 5S.

Basically 5S starts with the identification and removal of unwanted and unused items from the workplace ‐ clearing the workplace so that efficiency can be improved. This process is usually supported by the RedTagging of these excess items and then removing them from the workplace.

TheRedTagger takes this process one step further by allowing the company to list these unwanted assets and make them available to other companies that have a use for them ‐ converting the items back into cash.

And it works! It's early days for our business - we're just starting to get the word out there - but we are extremely excited by our market research and initial feedback from potential customers.

Click on the logo to check out the website or download your free mobile App.

Now you can use your iPhone to take photos of your excess stock and assets and get them for sale on the website in a few seconds.

Taking time out of every business to reflect on what it does and why it is essential to remain relevant to customers.

Insights to Excellence is a not-for-profit with passion to help every Australian firm become better and more competitive.

As Insights enters its second decade we increasingly see friendships formed and best practice shared between hosts and participants. This was most evident at a recent GSK Insight where the host remarked their Plan, Do, Check, Act Board, which had already contributed so much to their working practices, had been shared at a Holden Insight they had attended.

In attendance at GSK where key personnel from Fosters, Myer, BlueScope Steel and Pacific Brands who now have the opportunity to implement these practices for themselves in the knowledge of how this could be done to optimum effect. This wouldnít have been possibly if it hadnít been for the willingness of the host to share ideas through an Insight.

For many an Insight provides unprecedented networking opportunities and this was no more evidenced at a recent Automotive event where an Insight host remarked that if it hadnít been for hosting an Insight their business would not have created a joint venture with a participating firm and now be poised for the next stage of their expansion.

The moral in these stories being that to ponder on ones purpose is an essential part of any business journey and gives clarity. We have the privileged position of seeing every week the challenges of furthering continuous improvement journeys. This path is seldom easy and requires dedication and commitment of senior management and staff alike.

Our purpose is to facilitate a community of best practice and encourage the sharing of ideas to make better businesses, whatís yours?

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